Welcome to the Enroll RPS Portal

This website is the single platform for submitting all applications for the open enrollment lottery, RPS specialty schools, and regional Governor’s schools, as well as for Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts, and the Governor’s STEM Academy at RTC.

It is also the portal for completing RPS enrollment forms, both for new students and for those transferring due to a change of address.

Specialty School Applications
While all Students who attend RPS are provided courses emphasizing challenging and meaningful learning experiences, students who attend RPS specialty schools at the middle and high school levels receive challenging and meaningful learning experiences in smaller, more specialized schools than the comprehensive middle and high schools. It is expected, not just encouraged, that students attending specialty schools enroll in Advanced Placement courses, dual enrollment programs, and earn an advanced studies diploma while engaging in community service to better the world around them.

These schools include Franklin Military Academy, Open High School, Richmond Community High School, and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Thomas Jefferson High School (for rising 11th graders).

Visit the RPS Specialty Schools page to learn more.

Governor's School Applications
The RPS school application process includes Maggie L. Walker Governor's School for Government and International Studies and Appomattox Regional Governor's School for the Arts and Technology.

Visit the Regional Governor's School page to learn more about these programs.

Open Enrollment
Richmond City Public Schools’ lottery process, open enrollment, offers school choice for students who want to attend a school outside of their residential zone.

Students may apply to up to three out-of-zone schools based on grade eligibility. Seat offers are determined via a random lottery that is run each spring. Open enrollment seats vary by school and grade depending upon school capacity, staff, and in-zone enrollment.

Applications for open enrollment will open Thursday, October 14, 2021and must be submitted no later than Tuesday, February 1, 2022 at 4:30 PM in order to be entered in the open enrollment lottery. Late applications will be added to their respective waitlist in the order they are submitted.

Charter Schools and Specialty Programs
Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts (PHSSA), Virginia’s first charter elementary school, is a Richmond Public School serving approximately 350 Richmond students. Admission to PHSSA is determined via a random lottery. Eligible students (rising K through 5th grade) may apply to the PHSSA in addition to a maximum of three open enrollment schools.

The Governor’s Career and Technical Education Academy for STEM at Richmond Technical Center (RTC) is a part-time four-year program for rising 9th graders which offers Richmond Public School students a rigorous academic and technical program of study in two career pathways, either Engineering & Technology or Therapeutic Services. Rising 9th grade students are eligible to apply; accepted students must attend an RPS high school in order to enroll in the Governor’s STEM Academy at RTC.

K-12 Enrollment
New kindergarten students will register at their zone school via the Enroll RPS platform (unless they accept a seat offer via the Open Enrollment lottery).

Virginia state law mandates that children must be five years old on or before September 30th of the school year to be eligible to attend kindergarten. For more information on Richmond Public Schools' residency and enrolllment policies, visit our Enrollment page.

Preschool Enrollment
To be eligible for the RPS preschool program, children must meet eligibility requirements. To learn more information about these requirements and the RPS Preschool enrollment application process, visit our Preschool Enrollment website.

Transfer Process
Current RPS families who have moved to a new school zone within RPS can submit a transfer form. This form will allow families to submit two proofs of residence and begin the transfer process.

Where Do I Go for More Information?
More information about school applications and new student enrollment can be found by visiting rvaschools.net/enroll.

Additionally, all school office staff are trained on Enroll RPS and the related enrollment procedures. They are happy to provide you with support and help you complete an online enrollment form or preschool application at their school site!

Contact Us

With questions regarding school applications, please email enrollrps@rvaschools.net.

For support completing current-year enrollment, call (804)-780-6195 (press 2 for Spanish or a language other than English), or email enrollrps@rvaschools.net. For support with preschool enrollment applications, please email preschool@rvaschools.net.