Welcome to the Enroll RPS Application Portal

This website is the single platform for submitting all applications for both the Open Enrollment Lottery and to RPS Specialty Schools. In the future, this site will also serve as the place to complete school registration, and apply to Regional Governor’s Schools. Click here to find more general information about Richmond Public Schools.

Specialty School Applications
Our specialty schools offer unique programs and instructional settings to support students’ individual learning needs. These schools include Franklin Military Academy, Open High School, Richmond Community High School, Patrick Henry School of Sciences and Arts.

Open Enrollment
Open enrollment refers to the process of applying to a school zoned for an address other than the physical address in which the student currently resides, also referred to as an “out-of-zone” school. The Open Enrollment process is designed to give parents an option to choose from schools that may more closely align with the needs of their child(ren). In previous years, entry into International Baccalaureate programs at Thomas Jefferson High School and Lucille Brown Middle School was managed through the Specialty School application process. This year, entry to these programs will happen via Open Enrollment.

K-12 Registration
New Kindergarten students will register at their zone school via the Enroll RPS platform (unless they accepted a seat offer via the Open Enrollment lottery). Virginia state policy mandates that children must be five years old on or before September 30th of the school year to be eligible to attend kindergarten. Students who have recently moved to Richmond after the start of the school year will need to register at their zone school using the Enroll RPS portal. For more information on Richmond Public Schools' residency and admissions policies, click here (link coming soon!).

PK Registration
To be eligible for the SY2020-2021 preschool program, the child must meet eligibility requirements outlined here.

An Important Note About Rezoning
This fall, the Richmond City School Board voted on a new rezoning plan to take effect in School Year (SY) 2020-21. The new RPS zone map, available here, will provide you with information about your zoned school. Zone changes are effective beginning in SY2020-21; students whose school has changed due to rezoning are to attend their new zone school, and may apply for other schools through the Open Enrollment process (including their current SY19-20 school).

Where Do I Go for More Information?
More information about Open Enrollment and Specialty Schools can be found by visiting rvaschools.net/enrollRPS. Here, you’ll find FAQs about the process and how you’ll receive information about your applications, links to school pages, and more.

Information about academic programming can be found here.

Contact Us

For support completing SY2020-2021 Kindergarten registration, call (804)-780-6195 (press 4 for Spanish support), or email enrollrps@rvaschools.net.

For support completing SY2020-2021 PK registration support, call (804)-780-6195 (press 4 for Spanish support), or email preschool@rvaschools.net.